Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother's Day Cards

I remember the first or second week I started at SVLA, I asked our students what types of art they wanted to try/learn. I distinctly remember one student in 3rd grade REALLY wanting to learn origami... so fast forward 8 months, here we are!

We learned that "ori" actually means "folding" and "kami" (or "gami") means paper, so "origami" literally means "folding paper" and that it is prominent primarily in Japanese culture.

For Mother's Day we brainstormed various adjectives to describe our mothers and wrote them on our cards. Then, we folded beautiful origami tulips to attach to the back.

I was basically dying of cuteness.

Grades 4-5 created some pop-up cards! Again, we brainstormed adjectives that describe our mothers, and wrote them on the front of our cards. They were in and out so fast that I didn't get pictures of our older kids cards :( So, all we have here are the examples. Even so, they did lovely work (as I'm sure you already know!)

Hope everyone had a perfect Mother's Day! Thanks moms for all that you do!!!

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