Saturday, May 9, 2015

After School Ceramics Class!

I'm so excited about the turn out for our after-school ceramics class! With about 15 students, all sorts of styles, preferences, and combinations came about in our projects!

During week one, we learned where ceramics and clay are used today! For example, we talked about how all of our dishes come from a mold that was created around a original wheel-thrown plate or bowl. Or, how important molding and sculpting clay is for the first step in creating special effects make-up, like the prosthetics on Jim Carrey in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

In week one, we learned that you must score (scratch up) the clay before attaching one piece to the next. We made cupcake pinch pots which combines the process of pinch pots and coils!

Week two we painted our cupcakes and used different brushes and techniques to glaze cleanly and beautifully.
We also briefly talked about color schemes and planning what sections to color what in order to create an overall consistent and appealing final product. For example, we talked about how complimentary colors (colors that are opposite on the color wheel) create contrast! We see complimentary colors with Christmas (red and green) and in a lot of sports teams like the Broncos (orange and blue) and the Lakers (purple and yellow). We also saw how using one color on the bottom, and then the same color somewhere on top can help unify the entire piece.

How wonderful do these look?!

Week three we decided to make a little something sweet for Mother's day. By creating various round slabs, we were able to make beautiful rose sculptures. You cannot go wrong with this project, they are all so beautiful!

A class of planning and glazing later, We couldn't be happier with how these turned out (and hope our mothers loved them too!)

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