Sunday, June 14, 2015

Picasso Portraits

You can't end a school year of art without learning about Pablo Picasso! I am constantly telling the kids that so many artists are famous because they were the first to do something new, innovative or exciting-Picasso is definitely one of those artists.  At the end of a period of classical art, Picasso came out and began doing abstract art unlike any other- founding Cubism. As a class we read a brief Biography of Picasso as seen here.

We then read a fun book called "Picasso and the Girl with the Ponytail" which is actually a true story that features a lot of Picasso's artwork!
Then, using a face template we divided it into angular shapes, learned how to color using nice, clean craftsmanship, and Picasso-ed away!

Chayse is a looker! 

Loving the hair, Emily!

It looks just like them!

Ruth is the sweetest, even in cubist format!

Way to go, Lillian!
This was a 2-week project and I loved that the children remembered so many terms, details, and facts about Picasso and his legacy from week to week! 
This is a lesson meant to stick!

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