Monday, June 15, 2015

Graphite Portraits

For our final drawing project, we decided to get down to business! People are easily one of the hardest subjects to draw because if you are just a little off, it won't look right. That being said, my students BLEW ME OUT OF THE WATER with what they accomplished. We began the lesson by having everyone draw a portrait with no instruction and then I showed them the most commonly made mistakes when drawing the face. We then went through the rights and wrongs of drawing lips, eyes, noses, and hair.

After demonstrating how to sketch and measure the dimensions of the face, the students were off! Each with a picture of a celebrity, they patiently drew for the remaining weeks of school.
Talitha Call, grade 7, drew Lindsey Stirling. Teeth are hard and she nailed it!

Rebecca Ross, Grade 6, drew Taylor Swift.

Larisa Kozhevnikova, Grade 10, drew a Russian celeb whose name now escapes me...

Vincent Baird, Grade 7, drew Tim Tebow.

Amariah Adams, Grade 9, drew Jennifer Lawrence. The Charcoal was an excellent touch to made this portrait really pop!
Julia Fox, Grade 8, drew Emma Stone. They actually look very much alike and she did wonderful!

As a teacher, I am tremendously proud of how well everyone did and of all that we accomplished this year! I'm going to miss my amazing artists!

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